VAP30 autopilot

VAP30 autopilot



VAP30 autopilot is a steering control system which conforms to CCS standards and specifications and has independent intellectual property rights. Benefiting from the control algorithm accumulated during the development of UAV products for many years, VSS autopilot not only has stable heading accuracy, but also can effectively reduce the wear of the steering gear, and has good fuel economy.

Performance advantages
Steady course control: automatic course maintenance, less steering system wear and tear, reduce fuel consumption;
Simple interface: large screen color display, alarm information visible;
Easy to use: support rudder, anti-rudder, rudder angle ratio, sensitivity, sea conditions and other parameters directly adjusted;
Digital design: standard NEMA0183 interface, strong anti-interference signal transmission, easy maintenance;
Modular design: different modules are selected and combined according to different ship application requirements.
Rich interface: compatible with electric compass, magnetic compass, electronic compass, GPS signal;
Supports night vision mode: the brightness of display screen and keyboard panel can be adjusted separately.

Technical parameter
Power supply                         380V AC 50Hz 24V DC
Support operation mode          Manual, follow-up, automatic, guard, remote control mode course stability accuracy < 1 Autopilot steering sensitivity < 0.5 and follow-up steering sensitivity < 1.