ARTI  Land Navigation and Location

ARTI Land Navigation and Location



ARTI Series Strap-down Position and Orientation System
ARTI Series inertial navigation unit, with built-in BD2/GPS/GLONASS multi-mode receiver, adopts three high accuracy single axis gyroscopes (T3/T5 FOG, S7/S9 RLG) and mono-crystalline silicon flexible accelerometers. This unit consists of inertial navigation unit, BD2/GPS/GLONASS receiving antenna, odometer and altimeter. High accuracy position and heading data provided and fully self-contained, all-weather operation, high reliability makes the system perfect for land army vehicle and artillery.

Application: land vehicles, artillery
Automatic zero velocity upgrade
Adopts INS/odometer/altimeter integrated technology
EIA automatic calibration and intelligent calibration
Strong shock endurance ability (>100g),can be installed on gun barrel of artillery.
Outline and dimension

Main Technical specifications