CBT23-450mm Continuous Zoom MWIR LEO Detector

CBT23-450mm Continuous Zoom MWIR LEO Detector



23-450mm Thermal Imaging System is an advanced MWIR cooled thermal imager used for long-distance detection. The highly sensitive MWIR cooled core with 640x512 resolution can produce very clear image with very high resolution; the 23mm ~ 450mm continuous zoom infrared lens used in the product can effectively distinguish targets such as people, vehicles and ships in long distance.

Figure1 Thermal imaging image

Technical Specification
1 Detector
Detector MCT 640 ×512
Spectral range 3.7 ~4.8μm
Pixel pitch 15μm
Cooling method Stirling Refrigerator
2 Lens
Focal length 23 ㎜~450 ㎜ continuous zoom  
3 Performance
FOV range 1.22°(H) ×0.98°(V)to 23.5°(H) ×18.9°(V)
Cooling time ≤8 minutes in normal temperature
Video Output standard PAL format analog video signal
Frame Frequency 50Hz
NETD ≤25mk@25℃
Power source DC 24 ~32 V, with power reverse polarity protection
Power consumption ≤15W@25℃, steady state
                                 ≤30W@25℃, start-up peak
Operation Temperature -30℃~55℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~70℃
4 Command and Control
Control communication RS232/RS422
Correction manual correction/background correction
Polarity control white hot/black hot switch
Electronic Zoom ×2/×4 electronic zoom
Image enhancement Yes
Cross display Yes
Image turning Horizontal/vertical